Why does coffee in a coffee shop always taste the best? Because someone is making it for you! However, now you can also become the hero of your own kitchen, because you have a powerful drink in your hand – our new Lovege Barista Oat Drink. Regardless of whether you fancy an aromatic latte macchiato, fluffy cappuccino or white coffee, just turn on the coffee machine and froth the Lovege Barista Oat Drink. It is 100% plant-based, and is made directly from oat grains, so now even vegans can enjoy a delicious and delicate latte. The only sugar you will find in it is the one in the cap, because it is made of sugar cane. Our Lovege Barista Oat Drink also includes an addition. Vitamin B12, which is mainly found in animal products, so if you are vege, you may be deficient. Take care of yourself and the planet. Drinks that create the atmosphere!


Choose the Lovege Barista Oat Drink because it:

– has a delicious taste, because we make it straight from oats, not from concentrates

– is produced by a Polish producer

– has ecological, biodegradable packaging and a reduced carbon footprint

– has no added sugar

– is perfect for foaming!

– is 100% vegan

– is naturally lactose free

– is low in salt and saturated fatty acids

– is enriched with vitamins: B6, B12, D and E



Oat base [water, oats (8.7%)], sunflower oil, chicory root fiber, pea protein hydrolyzate, acidity regulator: potassium phosphates; sea salt, vitamins: B6, B12, D, E.


Oats come from the EU and outside the EU

May contain soy and nuts.

Net weight: 1 liter