In no time you noticed that our new Lovege Almond Drink is made straight from almonds. We don’t focus on concentrates, because we prefer to focus on you. We know that you are concerned not only about the taste, but also about the naturalness of the ingredients and the environment. That is why the Lovege Almond Drink is 100% plant-based, made directly from roasted almonds, and its ecological packaging is made of 87% renewable raw materials. We made the screw cap from sugar cane, but don’t be afraid, the sugar will not fall inside – we guarantee no added sugar. Drink hot or cold, or add to coffee, tea, smoothies or desserts. You can also prepare pancakes or pies with it, or just add it to your Corn Flakes, FIT, muesli Lo, Crunchy or Granola cereals. You choose what you want. Take care of yourself and the planet. Drinks that create the atmosphere!


Choose the Lovege Almond Drink because it:

– has a delicious taste, because we make it straight from almonds, not from concentrates

– is produced by a Polish producer

– has ecological, biodegradable packaging and a reduced carbon footprint

– is 100% vegan

– has no added sugar

– is naturally lactose and gluten free

– has a low salt and fatty acid content

– is enriched with vitamins: B6, B12, D and E

– is low in salt and saturated fatty acids



Water, rice (8.5%), almonds (2%), sunflower oil, sea salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; stabilizer: gellan gum; vitamins: B6, B12, D, E


The almond and rice come from the EU and outside the EU

May contain soy and other nuts.

Net weight: 1 liter