Can’t decide if Oat or Almond? Now you can, because the new Lovege Almond & Oat Drink has everything you like in plant drinks. Could it be better? Because we make the drink directly from oats and almonds, not from concentrates. We add to eco packaging, 87% from renewable raw materials, and we don’t even add a gram of sugar. It can’t get any better now! The new Lovege Almond & Oat Drink has no choice but to end up in your coffee, tea, cocktails or desserts. Unless you prefer to make pancakes or pies with it. Alternatively, pour Corn Flakes, FIT, muesli Lo, Crunchy or Granola cereals into a bowl and add it – you can’t think of a better breakfast! Take care of yourself and the planet. Drinks that create the atmosphere!


 Choose the Almond-Oat Lovege drink because it:

– has a delicious taste, because we make it straight from almonds and oats, not from concentrates

– is produced by a Polish producer

– has ecological, biodegradable packaging and a reduced carbon footprint

– is 100% vegan

– has no added sugar

– is naturally lactose free

– is low in salt and saturated fatty acids

– is enriched with vitamins: B6, B12, D and E



Water, oats (10%), almonds (2.%), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; stabilizer: gellan gum; sea salt, vitamins: B6, B12, D, E


The almonds and oats come from the EU and outside the EU

May contain soy and other nuts.

Net weight: 1 liter