Wholegrain Crispbread by Sante consists of delicate, crispy slices, baked traditionally on C.I. plates. It is tasty and easily digestible. One slice contains only 19 kcal, which is 4 times less than in 1 slice of ordinary rye‑wheat wholegrain bread. The bran added to the Crispbread makes it even tastier. Wholegrain Crispbread does not contain preservatives or flavour enhancers. It is recommended to those who watch their waistline and value a good diet.

Crispbread by Sante is a healthy alternative to ordinary bread. It can be eaten savoury (with cold meat or cheese) or sweet (with jam, honey or cottage cheese) toppings, or it can make a tasty snack to munch at work, while traveling or on a trip. It can be easily cut into different shapes (squares, triangles), and used as a base for open sandwiches. Tastes great with peanut butter, hummus, soy pâtés and vegetable spreads by Sante.


Ingredients: wheat flour, rye bran 13,1%, canola oil, sea salt, raising agent: ammonium carbonates, emulsifier: lecithins (from sunflower).

Net weight: 150 g