Fit is unique breakfast cereal with no wheat and no sugar added, containing extra big freeze-dried or dried fruit pieces. It is a perfect solution for active women, who want to stay vital and full of energy all day.

Fit is a member of the new family of breakfast products by Sante with “natural ingredients”. The flakes do not contain artificial additives, preservatives, raising agents or flavour enhancers.

It is a tasty combination of toasted wholegrain barley and rice flakes with extra big, freeze-dried fruit pieces: sweet strawberry, aromatic raspberry and sour cherry. The flakes contain up to 97% of wholegrain ingredients, which is extra high!

Fit rice flakes are blended with fruit juices rich in naturally occurring sugars, which makes them subtly sweet, whilst ensuring that the amount of sugar will not exceed 2.9 g per 100g of the product. The exceptional taste of Fit has been obtained owing to the big pieces of freeze-dried fruit. It is a real fruit frenzy!

The product does not contain salt and is low in fats.

Fit – a new product by Sante.

  • natural ingredients
  • No sugar added
  • No wheat
  • Record high content of whole grains! 
  • A source of valuable minerals
  • With the fruit juices and big chunks of freeze-dried fruit, the flakes taste delicious

Fit is a perfect, delicious and nutritious breakfast. Best served with milk, yoghurt or kefir.

Stay FIT with Sante!

* This health effect can be achieved by regular consumption of two servings (60g) of FIT flakes, combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Wholegrain flakes 96,5 % (barley, rice), freeze – dried fruits 2,2% (cherry, strawberry, raspberry), concentrated fruit juice 1,2% (apple, cherry), natural flavor.

May contain traces of soy and milk.

Net weight: 225g