FIT cereal cookies with cranberry without added sugar are crispy, tasty and very fruity. Sweet, although it’s cookies without sugar added, but full of dried fruit. They contain naturally occurring sugars. Nutritious, though cookies! They are a source of thiamine and as many as five minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc. It’s filling, though it’s sweets. They contain whole-grain oatmeal and are characterized by high fiber content. FIT are healthy cookies – they contain manganese, which helps maintain healthy bones and proper energy metabolism, and helps protect cells from oxidative stress *. Baked like mother – carefully and without the addition of palm oil. Our cereal cookies are a sweet pleasure for everyone who wants to be a FIT.

  • whole grain oats – 26%
  • dried fruit – 21%
  • without palm oil
  • no added sugar
  • natural source of thiamine, manganese and phosphorus
  • high fiber content
  • composed of inulin – a natural prebiotic

FIT cereal cookies taste delicious solo. Great for coffee and tea, and as a nutritious snack: at home, at work, on the go. With yogurt and fruit will create a tasty fit meal.

* One serving (50g) of FIT cereal cookies with cranberries consumed regularly as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle helps to achieve this health effect.

Ingredients: wheat flour 38.9%, wholemeal oat flakes 18.5%, sunflower oil, date, sweeteners: maltitol, xylitol; soluble (corn) fiber, cocoa with a reduced fat content of 2%, raising agents: sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates; cinnamon, aromas, sea salt.

May contain milk and soy.

Weight: 50 g