Tasty nut cream enriched with the highest quality WPC proteins (wholesome proteins). For athletes, active people and all those who value healthy eating. Simple ingredients, clean label. Creamy texture.

GO ON protein peanut butter, coconut -key properties:

  • high protein content – 28%
  • contains WPC whey protein with an excellent amino acid profile and high digestibility
  • no palm oil added
  • no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars; sweetened with xylitol)
  • high fiber content

Protein peanut butter is a perfect addition to sandwiches, pancakes or shakes

Ingredients: Peanuts (peanuts) 68%, coconut shrims 14%, WPC 80 whey protein concentrate (milk) 12%, sweetener: xylitol; aromas.


May contain sesame and other nuts.

Weight: 350g