Each and every cappuccino and café latte fan will adore Soya Drink Barista. Created especially for baristas and people that admire non-dairy coffee with foam. Aromatic cappuccino in a café, delicious latte at home? It is extra easy with Soya Drink Barista!

  • Enriched with calcium
  • Vitamin source: D and B12
  • Low sugar content
  • Low salt content
  • Organically lactose free
  • 100% vegan

Soya Drink Barista with calcium and vitamins is an excellent alternative of bovine milk. It will be highly appreciated not only by vegans, vegetarians or people searching for milk substitute, but also by each person that loves the coffee taste in the morning. For hot and cold usage. You can also make patterns on your coffee!


Ingredients: water, peeled soya beans (11%), sugar, apple concentrate, calcium carbonate, sea salt, stabilizer: gellan gum; acidity regulator: mono- and dipotassium phosphate; vitamins (B12, D).

May contain gluten and nuts.

Weight: 1L