Smart Teens chocolate balls are multi-grain breakfast cereals made of whole grains, designed especially for Young Champions! Your child will love their cool chocolate taste, and you will be sure that children a nutritious breakfast.

Smart Teens contains only natural ingredients, with no added preservatives or flavour enhancers (including glutamate), artificial aromas and flavouring, emulsifiers or raising agents.

The balls contain whole grains and are therefore rich in nutrients which refined grains lack. Each 100 g of the product contains 54g of wholegrain ingredients, which makes Smart Teens a natural source of vitamins such as B1 (thiamine), B3 (niacin), folic acid and minerals, such as magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and manganese. Additionally, the product contains vitamin C from acerola (instead of synthetic vitamins), which supports the proper functioning of the immune system in children. All this to help your child successfully overcome all challenges every single day!

These delicious Smart Teen breakfast flakes are only sweetened with natural sugars (honey and cane sugar) and inulin that has a delicate sweet taste. Inulin is a natural prebiotic which enhances the functioning of the alimentary tract and prevents digestive diseases.

Smart Teens only contains carefully selected ingredients, with a guarantee of quality from Sante.

Meet Sante’s Young Champions team. The characters on the package are fantastic kids with different passions, talents, interests and personalities, just like you and your friends! Martine is a restless soul. She loves playing football and riding a bicycle. And her favourite breakfast is Smart Teens chocolate balls. Smart Teens are delicious crisps for extraordinary kids, made of whole grains. And they are soooo yummy! With a good bowl of Sante Smart Teens chocolate balls for breakfast, your childwill have a great day every day. 

Smart Teens only contains natural ingredients. The only breakfast crisps with no artificial additives!

Ingredients: wholegrain flour (54%) [wheat flour, rice flour], chocolate powder (18%) [cane sugar, cocoa], cane sugar, corn flour, maize grits, honey (3%), inulin, sunflower seed oil, reduced-fat cocoa powder (0.5%), cane treacle, sea salt, cinnamon, natural flavouring.

May contain traces of soy, nuts and milk.

Net weight: 250g