GO ON! Coconut Oil by Sante is a top-quality oil received from fresh coconut meat. It is a healthy alternative to other cooking oils, and a source of valuable medium-chain fatty acids (MTC). MTCs are used by the body to produce energy and are not transformed into fatty tissue.

Until quite recently, coconut oil was confused with palm oil. But they are not the same! Palm oil is not obtained from coconut palm nuts.

GO ON! Coconut oil by Sante is scent-free. It does not change the taste or smell of the foods prepared, and stays fresh and maintains its properties for longer, which is all because of the refining process.

As it contains very little oxidising acids when compared to other fats, coconut oil can be safely used even at high temperatures.

GO ON! Coconut Oil by Sante is much more than just a perfect frying oil; it is also suitable for use in salad dressings, desserts or cakes. Or it can be eaten with sandwiches, instead of butter.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil

Weight: 1000 ml