Xylitol by Sante (Finnish birch sugar) is an original Finnish product; a top-quality natural sweetener produced from birch bark. Although xylitol looks and tastes like ordinary sugar, it is far more beneficial. It contains fewer calories than standard sugar (by 40%) and has a low glycaemic index [GI=9], Therefore it can be eaten by diabetic people, or by those who suffer from insulin resistance or impaired glucose tolerance, as insulin does not play a major role in its metabolism. By eating meals and drinking beverages containing xylitol instead of sugar, combined with a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, you support the proper mineralisation of your teeth. Additionally, xylitol causes lower blood glucose growth than reported after eating foods or drinking beverages with sugar added. Xylitol is recommended to those who want to cut down on sugar in their diet. It is a perfect sweetener for drinks, desserts, cakes and fruit products.

  • 40% less calories than in standard sugar
  • low glycaemic index [GI-9]
  • supports tooth mineralisation*
  • induces lower blood glucose growth than after eating products that contain sugar*
  • original, top-quality Finnish product

Choose Xylitol by Sante, an original Finnish product with confirmed quality. Do not reach for the Chinese counterfeits.

* Combined with a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

INGREDIENTS: Crystalline xylitol.

Weight: 250g