Sea salt is commonly called “white gold”. It is obtained in a process of sea water evaporation, owing to which it retains the valuable minerals that common salt loses in the cleansing process. Sea salt by Sante does not contain artificial anti-caking agents (E536 – potassium ferrocyanide). It is a source of natural magnesium, which effectively prevents salt caking. Sea salt by Sante is perfectly loose, which makes it convenient to use. The salt has been enriched with iodine, which promotes proper thyroid hormone production and proper functioning of the nervous system. As sea salt by Sante perfectly emphasises the taste and flavour of the dishes, you can add it in lower amounts than common salt and cut down on other spices which contain preservatives. It brings out the colour of meat, fish and vegetable meals and makes them stay fresh for longer. Plus you can use it for home-made inhalations.

The World Health Organisation recommends adults should have no more than 5g (1 teaspoon) of salt a day. This applies to salt from all sources; added to dishes and contained in the products eaten.

INGREDIENTS: Iodised sea salt (sea salt, enriching agent: potassium iodate).

Potassium iodate content: 3.9 +/- 1.3mg / 100 g of salt.

Weight: 350g