Demerara cane sugar is a non-refined cane sugar in the form of light brown, crispy, slightly moist crystals with a delicate, caramel taste. Unlike common sugar, it contains molasses, a dark brown sugar cane syrup. This is where the golden colour, caramel taste and unique flavour of the sugar come from.

Demerara cane sugar is a perfect replacement for common sugar, to sweeten ordinary and aromatic coffees, teas or other beverages. It is a basic ingredient in a number of recipes, where its flavour is perfectly harmonised with the scent of vanilla, cinnamon and oriental spices. A pinch of cane sugar blends well with exquisite sauces, cakes and desserts. The big, shimmering crystals are also an ideal ingredient of cookies, puffy sponge cakes, ice cream, preserves and liqueurs. Finally, with cane sugar you can prepare extraordinary delicacies, such as roasted ham glazed in dark sugar or poached salmon with bourbon whiskey and cane sugar topping.

INGREDIENTS: Unrefined Demerara cane sugar.

Weight: 500g